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11/30/08 / Leo

1:40 PM Just over a year ago, I had both breakfast and a beer at night at Leopold’s Cafe, one of the sites hit by the Mumbai terrorists.  There were many foreigners there – probably why the terrorists targeted it. On the morning I was leaving Mumbai, I went across the street to Leopold’s from [...]

11/07/08 / Quest

11:38 AM Is status a natural outgrowth of the construct we call society?  Lawyers want to make partner; those in finance want to become directors and managing directors; professors want tenure; artists and performers want awards – the list is virtually endless. But was it someone wickedly genius who came up with this system or [...]

8/23/08 / DNC

5:04 PM We drove through Denver today, and as we passed a Planned Parenthood, we noticed at least 50 protestors with large posters of fetuses and the like outside on the sidewalk.  One man was talking into a loudspeaker about how God is loving and merciful but he is also a God who judges, and [...]

6/23/08 / Papyrus

6:58 PM I take back what I said earlier about HP support. I received a call earlier from them, telling me that they can’t repair my computer under warranty because their tech determined that whatever happened to it was due to my error. This after I have the repaired PC in my possession! Apparently the [...]

4/16/08 / Utah

9:24 AM I myself was wondering how the FDLS church manages the 3:1 woman-to-man ratio they have in their communities. The simple answer, from this Slate article, is that they just kick the boys out: As is well-known, the FLDS teaches that plural marriage—whereby each man partners with at least three women—is essential to salvation. [...]

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