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3/29/10 / Rise up

Spooky Spokeo Yesterday I came across a site called You can look up personal information on anyone, and if you pay you can even get their credit information and more. I keep harping on this privacy thing (and picking on Google) but I really do think people should be more concerned and discerning about [...]

6/24/09 / 500th post

I don’t understand the point of price-matching. Unless I’m already on my way to Wal-Mart to pick up some toilet paper and some Folgers, and out-of-the-blue decide that I want to buy an LCD TV which is advertised cheaper at Best Buy, why would I go to Wal-Mart over Best Buy just to pay the [...]

1/18/09 / Byz

9:49 PM Why does the President get the power to grant clemency to criminals? Doesn’t that imply that he is above the law? According to Wikipedia: The pardon power of the President extends only to offenses cognizable under U.S. Federal law. However, the governors of most states have the power to grant pardons or reprieves [...]

8/27/08 / Maps

10:35 PM I have discovered Pixelpost.  It’s an open source platform specifically for photoblogs! Not bad for out of the box.  The EXIF technical data is there like I want it!  The only thing to figure out now is whether I can post both single and multiple photos in one post or not. 9:26 PM [...]

8/21/08 / Nashbar

4:35 PM Now that I’m in Boulder, it’s time to get my bike prepared for commuting as well as mountain biking.  I still have my old Velomax wheelset, so I thought instead of getting another cheap bike I can just put cheap tires on that wheelset and make a commuter out of my one bike [...]

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