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Book review: Color management (1)

It’s nice to be able to start a book in the late afternoon and finish it by evening.  That’s what I did yesterday with this book: It was actually very informative, and I learned new things and terminology I had heard before but wasn’t sure about before, like: Proofing means to check how something will [...]

Software review: DVD recovery

I have many of my India photos on a slightly damaged DVD.  To help recover them, I got evaluation versions of two programs, BadCopy Pro and CDRoller. The DVD has 4 session on it.  The data I need rescued is in two folders on the fourth track.  After letting each software have their time (over [...]

4/29/08 / Genius

6:36 PM “Simple” formula for becoming a genius, from a article about a Polish scientist who developed a method and software for learning and retaining new knowledge (bolds and italics mine): Philosopher William James once wrote that mental life is controlled by noticing. Climbing out of the sea and onto the windy beach, my [...]

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