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5/12/11 / Monotonous

“Don’t patronize me!” Every time I hear the phrase “Don’t patronize me!” or some variant thereof on television shows or in movies, I wonder to myself about a possible dilemma. The proper use of the word “patronize” in this context is pronounced pat-ronize, and not pate-ronize, as most people I’ve heard use it say it. [...]

My Generation

Finally an interesting show from ABC, called My Generation, that catches up with a group of young adults from Austin, Texas ten years after high school. One thing I can’t tell, however, is whether the show is actually for real or if it’s staged. I mean there has to be some staging and acting involved, [...]

11/11/09 / Mya

For some reason I was thinking earlier about the things Indian people found ridiculous about life in the west, and jokingly talked about at their parties. A couple that came to mind: Inmates in Canada have access to books and television. Indian people joked that inmates in Western countries live better than most people back [...]

On Cougar Town

I’m actually not sure how to feel about the new ABC show Cougar Town. It’s a show about a 40-something divorced single mother (played by Courtney Cox) who’s essentially horny. Of the couple of episodes I’ve seen, there are new elements to sexuality in television I’m finding that I hadn’t seen before. For example: Her [...]

10/07/09 / Judith

Why is it that in television commercials featuring both black and non-black actors, the black actor is always in the protagonist’s role? Is it because it’s politically incorrect to portray the black guy or girl as the disadvantaged one? Some of the commercials that come to mind are: Miller Genuine Draft 64. The black guy [...]

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