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4/21/09 / Carry

11:57 PM According to this article, about 2% of bloggers are making a successful living off blogging. There are now almost as many paid bloggers as lawyers in the U.S. Interesting points: 3 out of 4 bloggers are college-educated Most are white males with above-average incomes It takes about 100,000 unique visitors a month to [...]

4/17/09 / Sleet

8:08 AM Last night I had the distinct displeasure of watching half of the worst television show I have ever seen – at least what’s retained in my memory. And I only watched half of it because I couldn’t stand seeing another second of it. The show I’m talking about is a certain Family Guy, [...]

3/27/09 / Dance

12:43 PM New study reveals that crabs feel pain when they are boiled alive. Researchers used wires to shock hermit crabs, who then scampered out of their shells “indicating that the experience is unpleasant for them.” Quoted from the article: “Millions of crustacean are caught or reared in aquaculture for the food industry,” he said. [...]

Defining moment: films

Just a caution: I feel like sharing some irrelevant details in this post. Last night at the gym, as I was warming up on the elliptical machine for my workout, Mission Impossible III was playing on one of the many silver Sony LCD screens suspended off the ceiling. I plugged my earphones into the machine [...]

Old TV shows

Since I’m working from home now, for background noise while I work I often put on episodes of TV shows on either Hulu or Fancast. I have watched a lot of shows in the last couple of months, ranging from hilarious to downright insipid. Some of these shows are (in no particular order except the [...]

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