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My problem with contemporary…

…literature, I’ve today realized, is that it’s not vetted through the filter of time. There are so many contemporary books that just won’t matter 1, 5, 10, 50 years from now. When children of that generation want to read quality they’ll have a solid filtered selection of books to choose from, books that have stood [...]

7/30/08 / Sugar

2:16 PM Watching The Tin Drum.  So far it seems to be translated quite literally from book-form to movie-form.  I think for anyone watching it without having read the book, it would just seem strange and even random. 11:05 AM My new computer should arrive today. I’m watching Pleasure for Sale (NY Times Review), a [...]

7/20/08 / Alchemy

6:13 PM Books I have checked out from the library, yet to read: and And movies I have checked out, yet to watch: 11:36 AM It’s an old adage that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.  Recently I came across a retailer who’s selling my camera for nearly [half the [...]

6/23/08 / Papyrus

6:58 PM I take back what I said earlier about HP support. I received a call earlier from them, telling me that they can’t repair my computer under warranty because their tech determined that whatever happened to it was due to my error. This after I have the repaired PC in my possession! Apparently the [...]

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