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Hard to say I’m sorry

Song I heard after a long time on Friday, and it hasn’t left me since. I remember I first heard it a few years ago, at a Tim Horton’s near my university residence in Toronto where I used to go some night to study. For some reason the radio station they listened to at that [...]

Girl, city

A young girl, madly self-conscious because she’s just starting to develop breasts, walks along the expansive streets of Toronto. Every step is a mile; every mile seems as small as a step. The city’s so big, there are many cities within its walls. The sidewalks are so big, the buildings so many, the shops countless [...]

Just some photos

Photos from the car, the road, and just walking around.

Small observation: Traffic lights

The traffic lights in New York City are opposite those in Toronto. In Toronto the red signal has the largest light (with yellow and green having smaller ones), whereas in NYC the green signal has the largest light (with, you guessed it, red and yellow having smaller ones).

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