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Formula One vs…

Comparison of four Mercedes-Benz cars of different power classes, from production to Formula One. Beautiful.

When did you choose to be straight?

(From Boing Boing) What a great way to get people to think! It’s not confrontational, they’re not putting the interviewee on the spot or making them feel uncomfortable or cornered on camera. Such a simple question does so much to open people’s minds. It’s brilliant.

3/25/10 / Chorus

Kundera on poets and poetry in Life is Elsewhere Poetry is a domain in which all assertions become true. Yesterday the poet said: “Life is as useless as tears,” today he says: “Life is as joyous as laughter,” and he is right both times. Today he says” “Everything ends and gives way to silence,” and [...]

11/30/09 / Envelope

Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop Show OMG! I randomly remembered one of the funniest shows from growing up (sorry, it’s in Hindi)! It’s actually online!! It’s called Flop Show and it’s by Jaspal Bhatti. E-readers If record sales of an expensive electronic reading device are any indication, I take comfort in the fact that reading as an [...]

11/09/09 / Bones

Frankly I’m surprised at the popularity of videos online. I can understand the appeal of entertainment videos – watching shows and movies online, but it’s the popularity of non-entertainment moving visual media that surprises me. I’m surprised because I didn’t think people would be willing to sit through a video to get the information they [...]

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