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Angie’s List doesn’t seem all that great

I was about to try Angie’s List just now but then I came across a couple of web pages, including this on the New York Times website, which makes me conclude that it may not be the best place for honest reviews of service providers. One particularly disturbing comment (2nd from top) is from Dean [...]

What I’ve learned: Freelance photography

Here’s a brief summary of what I learned at the conference I attended last weekend on travel writing and photography: A website is becoming (or perhaps already has) your face to the world.  If it’s not professional and slick you risk alienating potential clients and editors.  Having a clean and efficient website was repeatedly emphasized [...]

7/07/08 / Copenhagen

11:59 PM Since the site is still loading slow, I’m assuming K2 isn’t the problem.  Maybe it’s one of the widgets I’m using in the sidebar.  At least I’m getting closer to figuring out what’s slowing the site to a crawl. 11:45 PM Changed the site theme to the default Kubrick.  I hope this speeds [...]

3/03/08 / Bryce

7:13 PM Interesting article on how “free” is a business model in the current economy. I figured I should post (one of) the sources of inspiration for my rant below. 2:37 PM What’s all this, all this shit that I – you, you and I – that we’re putting out there? What’s it all mean, [...]

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