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MTB: Rear tire review

As of right now I’ve got a stash of tires that I’ve been trying to choose between for a rear tire. My front tire, the Ritchey Excavader WCS serves me well. For the rear my current arsenal includes: Forte Sherwood XC Continental TwisterPro Panaracer FireXC Pro 1.8 WTB MotoRaptor 2.14 (haven’t tested yet) Continental Mountain [...]

6/11/09 / Manhattan

Song of the day EhsaanMereDilPeTumharaby squarecut I had been searching for this song for a long time, and just now came to remember when I opened up OneNote and say a note to myself to look for it. Not surprisingly it didn’t take long to find it today (as opposed to a few years ago [...]

8/30/08 / Dell

9:57 PM Pixelpost or WordPress? I’m playing around with two photoblogs right now, trying to decide which one to keep and actually start posting photos to (instead of spending time figuring out how to do it – incidentally, that reminds me of how my earlier years using a computer were spent more in fixing the [...]

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