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3/26/10 / Eisenberg

Kundera on tears in Life is Elsewhere …that was wonderful; that was something that had never before happened to him, a woman crying for love of him; for him tears were the solution into which a man is dissolved when he is discontented with merely being a man and desires to free himself from the [...]

1/20/09 / Squirm

2:44 PM This is what’s going on in my town! A woman escaped serious injury and refused medical treatment after a cow knocked her down and walked on her legs. Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks ranger Pete Taylor said the woman was riding her bicycle along the South Boulder Creek Trail on Monday when [...]

Story of a person

She used to know people who know people. Within just four degrees of separation I could know the entire who’s who list of the nation through her. But she’s no longer there. Now you’ll find her in a small house in a big city in a bigger country. She’s living quite contentedly, for someone other [...]

Man and woman

What do you know and believe about man and woman? Man tough woman soft? Man don’t carry woman woman carry man with life from her womb with love beneath ‘er ‘toe with nourish from her breast. If for a speck of eternity man could be woman and feel what it is to have men, he’d [...]


1:29 PM On man/woman/person: So much hangs in the balance between man’s ego and woman’s sensibility. Pride, money, face, relations, the next day, the next year, this life. To remain equanimous is foreign to some temperaments. Some personalities wash from one end to the other, spending not a single moment at the center – balanced, [...]

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