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6/18/11 / Post

On celebrity I admire all celebrities, even the bad ones, for having thick skin. From Anthony Wiener to Lindsay Lohan to the Kardashians, it takes incredible…something*, to live down everything that’s said about you, and with Twitter and Facebook it’s even more pervasive and in-your-face. I’ll admit that I can probably dish it out a [...]

12/28/09 / I survived…

I’ve always had a revulsion for women who with cosmetics manage to knock off a whole decade from their fifty years, but shake your hand like a soldier. Who can change the tire on a Polskifiat in five minutes without doing any harm to their Margaret Astor fingernail polish, and who after a pleasant screw [...]

12/08/09 / Al-Gor(e)-ithm

Thomas Mann’s very revealing, rather caustic, take on women, in the context of love: Women, if one may put it this way, are reactive creatures, with little original initiative, careless to the point of being passive. Allow me, please, to attempt to develop my thought somewhat, though in labored fashion. In matters of love, a [...]

On Cougar Town

I’m actually not sure how to feel about the new ABC show Cougar Town. It’s a show about a 40-something divorced single mother (played by Courtney Cox) who’s essentially horny. Of the couple of episodes I’ve seen, there are new elements to sexuality in television I’m finding that I hadn’t seen before. For example: Her [...]

2/07/09 / Vile

6:24 PM Women have more free time than men, apparently, for spending on social networking sites. 9:04 AM In those moments in TV shows and movies where characters are shown talking but their voices are masked with music, what do they really talk about? What do the actors say to each other? Do they know [...]

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