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2/04/09 / Buford

8:00 AM An interesting article in the January ’09 Popular Photography magazine discusses the differences between how men and women perceive photography. I learned: When looking at an image of a figure, women tend to look at the face whereas males focus on both the face and the crotch. Women look for longer periods at [...]

Bitch – the word

Seems like an appropriate image for the post.  I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve never been the biggest fan of this inglorious term, but I’m an even lesser fan of when the fairer sex uses it to refer to their own kind. I don’t know the etymology of this base word as it is used [...]


4:59 PM Walked 8.16 miles (13 km) today, in approximately 2 hours, in the rain. It was awesome, even though my legs got tired by the end and I was soaking wet when I arrived home. I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have music with me. While walking I thought about rules of [...]


3:17 PM If I had a dollar for every self-portrait on Flickr of a shy housewife-type in a seductive pose or dress looking for attention and gratification, I’d be a rich man. And I only know the ones that make it to Explore! 3:31 PM Photo of the day, taken at Dal Lake in Srinagar, [...]

Why women worry so much

From article: Scientists have known that on the whole, females of all ages tend to worry more and have more intense worries than males. Women also tend to perceive more risk in situations and grow more anxious than men. Now we know why. Women are more likely than men to believe that past experiences accurately [...]

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