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8/27/08 / Maps

10:35 PM I have discovered Pixelpost.  It’s an open source platform specifically for photoblogs! Not bad for out of the box.  The EXIF technical data is there like I want it!  The only thing to figure out now is whether I can post both single and multiple photos in one post or not. 9:26 PM [...]

8/25/08 / Names

1:26 PM I’m making a photoblog where I’ll post my best photos. It’s a second WordPress installation on my (this) server.  So far I’m using the following plugins/themes: NextGEN Gallery (plugin) Yet another photoblog (plugin) Grain (theme for YAPB plugin above) For now I’ve managed to embed a NextGEN gallery inside a YAPB post (as [...]

7/09/08 / Calories

5:53 PM A perspective I never really considered before: “In our Declaration of Independence,” he said, “we consecrate ourselves as a nation to the pursuit of happiness.  That in itself is an admission of habitual discontent.  One needn’t pursue what one already possesses.” -Tom Robbins’ Villa Incognito, pg. 124-125 (italics author’s) 10:30 AM So far [...]

7/07/08 / Copenhagen

11:59 PM Since the site is still loading slow, I’m assuming K2 isn’t the problem.  Maybe it’s one of the widgets I’m using in the sidebar.  At least I’m getting closer to figuring out what’s slowing the site to a crawl. 11:45 PM Changed the site theme to the default Kubrick.  I hope this speeds [...]

WordPress upgraded

I upgraded WordPress (the software that runs this site) to the latest version. Everything should work just the same but if something doesn’t, please let me know.

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