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What’s to say…

…that hasn’t already been said? It’s my feeling that everything about the human experience has already been said, if only in skeleton form. By that I mean that the content of that skeleton will continually change with the advent of new technology, new politics, new sociology, etc. But man, in his range of experiences – [...]

9/09/08 / Echo

11:09 PM Biked 24 miles today, according to my cyclocomputer!  Here’s a map: Speaking of maps, how is it that Google's are so much easier to use than both Yahoo!'s and Microsoft Live's?  I tried mapping this route first with Yahoo! and then with Live, and in both the format “Broadway and Arapahoe, Boulder, CO” [...]

8/26/08 / Inside

5:19 PM My focus, over the past few months, has been shifting, from writing to photography.  I’m getting interested in web design – not so much for itself but as a means to an end, to be able to present my photographs in the best possible way.  Right now I feel I’m just limited by [...]

7/08/08 / Roma

12:13 PM Went through my old desktop that I last used 3 years ago because I wanted to see what documents I have on there.  Found a few old essays I’m posting to the Essays/Documents.  (I haven’t read these since they were turned in for their respective classes.) 8:48 AM I’ve been published. 2:51 AM [...]

On writing

Very good excerpts from Letters to a Young Novelist, a book I recently finished. (Italics author’s, bolds mine.) On why writers write: What is the origin of this early inclination, the source of the literary vocation, for inventing beings and stories? The answer, I think, is rebellion. I’m convinced that those who immerse themselves in [...]

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