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In praise of Google

As much as I dislike the newly-minted Google empire, I admire them for their work toward spreading written knowledge via their book-scanning project. The effort also highlights an instance where competition seems to be advantageous to all parties involved: Google, its competitors (Yahoo! and Microsoft, mainly), and the consumers who soak up their products and [...]

Google vs. Yahoo!

I’ve been deliberately using Yahoo! as my default search engine for a long time because I’m annoyed with the ubiquity of Google in the news and the presence of “googling” in our vernacular. However, I have to admit today that from some searches I have performed lately, Google does seem to be the superior search [...]

Thought from NYC

I wonder how many people visit Yahoo! Finance, and more importantly, what kind of people visit. There’s a poll on the following webpage (Best Places to Live 2006) asking voters whether they prefer a) the big city, b) a place with culture that’s not too hectic, or c) the countryside. I voted for b), but [...]

Social networking

Social networking sites I’ve heard of or seen so far (not including the ones geared toward specific cultures/ethnicities): • Myspace • Friendster • Imeem • Orkut • Yahoo! 360 • MSN Spaces • Facebook The Internet is getting contaminated (I had to think of the right word, and that seems like it) with tens of [...]

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