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Out of anger knowing no bounds I wish I could write the shit out of you. Wring you out with words till you’re dry of blood and breath. Every letter I write spells the end of you, each word contributing to the negative that, once developed, reveals your new non-existence that’s my sole doing. I’m [...]


Words bridge the gap. So much stands in between but words they bridge the gap. Between father and son, mother and daughter, brother to sister, brother to brother. Words bridge the gap between generations, between ancestor and progeny. Yesterday will always be easier, tomorrow forever filled with possibility. Between these distant poles words bridge the [...]

No title #2

Press you in my eyes squeeze out your essence. Dress you in disguise drown out your presence. Live to see another morning drink to sleep another night. Strain to see the picture forming Freeze as it does from sheer fright. Take you to the corner make you remove the mask. Twist you till you’re a [...]


If the world were to end now I’d crawl underground, but before I did I’d bring you with me. To start a new world together after this one ends. Start fresh with molten lava and soft earth. Air might be scarce but we’ll get by. Build a life not from scratch but from dirt, Taste [...]


12:44 AM What’s got me reeling is trying to make sense of my own history. The novel of my life. I’ve got the heads-side banalities figured out, thanks to a vivid and reliable memory. It’s the tails-side picture of meaning and pattern that’s evasive and keeps me up at night. What’s it all mean? This [...]

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