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Monday, 12 January 2009 18:33

I realize there is a reason why so many websites are based on traditional designs, using grids and columns.  They're easy to read and predictable in their rendering across browsers.

But sometimes you just want to see something different, something out-of-the-box.  That's what I had in mind when I made the homepage to my domain, Pranshuarya.com.  There are some very elegant examples of both traditional and unconventional designs out there, and I just wanted to share a couple I've come across.  (I'm sure these people won't mind me talking about their websites since I only have good things to say about them.)

http://www.safetygoat.co.uk/ - no columns, no grids, but very creative and visually appealing.  I was especially taken by the Last.fm listening list displayed in a vine at the bottom.

http://www.veboolabs.com/ - more traditional but at least there aren't any visible column borders or immediate give-aways that there's a grid behind it all.  It all fits together without any borders or obstrusive lines.

Incidentally, I've also noticed how much web design talent comes in from outside the U.S.  The websites above, for example, are based out of the U.K. and Poland, respectively.  I came across a couple of others out of Spain and Brazil.  It sounds cheesy to say and to hear, but design knows no limits.

All of this is not to say that conventional designs can't be appealing.  Design Logix, for example, has a grid-like layout that renders well across browsers but is also elegant and not unoriginal.