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Sunday, 12 April 2009 10:27

I've read two books on CodeIgniter lately, and just wanted a write a few words about each one.


Professional CodeIgniterThis is the first book I read.  I found it informative, and I really appreciated its example-based approach.  It was a bonus that it used Agile methodology, although that wasn't its main focus.

The book, like any other technical book, is rife with errors and small oversights, but overall the book is a great way to get started with CodeIgniter.  This book is more about using CodeIgniter than about how it works, which is great, because it's complemented very well by the next book I read.










CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application DevelopmentThis book talks more about how CodeIgniter does its thing: how controllers work, how controllers interact with models and views, and what the limitations of each facet of the system are.  For example, users can't interact directly with models, libraries, helpers, or plug-ins.

It also talks about good practices.  Models, for example, can call views, but shouldn't, because that's the controller's job.

It explains the Active Record class, and gives a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in CodeIgniter that's conveniently hidden from the developer.

Overall it's a good book for not only learning about CodeIgniter but also the programming principles it is based on, like MVC and Active Record.  If I'm unclear on something I read or did from the previous book, this is the first place I would check for an explanation.