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Sunday, 14 December 2008 12:47

There's so much going on in the world of development, it's good to remember sometimes what a small piece of the pie we're actually working with.  As a designer and developer my main focus is implementing technologies like XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.  I can't get out of my head lately the idea of all those people behind those technologies, the ones essentially enabling me to do what I do.


These are what I like to call the Enablers, who I'll admit I know very little about.  Who are the people behind Google Maps?  PHP and JavaScript and AJAX?  My daily work involves just putting their creation to use, what does their day look like?  There are some very smart people out there, and I want to take a moment to think about them, to think about their forward-thinking in coming up with technologies like CSS.  I can't imagine doing web design now without it, and I wonder about the genius mind that thought up the concept.