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Friday, 09 January 2009 18:52

I've been coming across mention of the CMS platform ExpressionEngine frequently lately, and considering that it's not open-source or free, methinks that it must be a heck of a product to garner so much attention.  It is PHP/MySQL-based, like most of the other CMS systems out there, which makes me all the more curious about why it's so much better than the other options.

My personal interest is greater in Drupal right now, which will be the next system I try out.  One good thing is that ExpressionEngine does have a free limited version for a taste of what the paid version offers.

A question that has been on my mind is how Microsoft plans to promote .NET when all the development products are very expensive compared to open-source PHP/MySQL platform and tools.  Enter Visual Web Developer Express Edition.  It's a free application, part of Visual Studio Express Edition (also free), geared toward .NET development.  It seems Microsoft also has their own mashups product, similar to Yahoo! pipes, called Popfly.

Here is a good comparison of how Visual Web Developer and Expression Web, which I have been using for a while, compare.