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Grievances/questions about Joomla E-mail
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:29

As I work with Joomla, I'm compiling a list of questions and grievances I'm having with it.  So far I've got:

  • The Javascript pop-up feature built into the MCE editor doesn't seem to work.  When I enter information there and save the article, the link reverts to a normal link.
  • It doesn't seem possible, in the MCE editor, to specify a custom class for an object (such as an image).  I can do it directly via the HTML code, but I thought since the feature is offered it should be comprehensive.
  • It doesn't seem possible to assign a custom class to only one link within a menu.  For example, I want one link to be black while the rest can be orange in accordance with the theme.  Again, it can be done directly via code (I think), but not through the GUI interface.