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Invaluable tools - development E-mail
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 18:16

These are a few tools I find invaluable for web development:

  • Microsoft Expression Web 2 - admittedly not as powerful as Dreamweaver, but I wanted to try it just because everyone is using Dreamweaver.  So far I've found it to be pretty good.  I haven't really touched the server-side features (ASP.NET and PHP), but from what little I've used of PHP scripting, it's nowhere nearly as comprehensive as what Dreamweaver offers.  Still, for overall design and coding, it's not a bad program.
  • wamp - works flawlessly out-of-the-box for local testing of LAMP-based sites
  • CoreFTP Lite - The only FTP client I've used for the last few years.  It's free, and it serves me perfectly.

Here is a list of tools I find invaluable for the design side of things.