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Wednesday, 18 March 2009 19:28


It's frustrating when the code that accompanies a book doesn't work.  I've gotten through half of the book and suddenly there's a problem that's mentioned on the book's forum - but without a solution.  The reason I prefer studying with books over tutorials and such is because they're structured and organized in one place, so it's disappointing when they just don't work.  I encountered the same problem in college with math errors in textbooks.  Errata are helpful but sometimes even those are incomplete!

Having seen what's possible with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and Prototype, I set my eyes on trying out a PHP framework.  I did some reading on CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Symfony, along with Smarty, which isn't a framework but a template engine.

I've chosen to dive in with CodeIgniter, and my tool of choice will be the following book:

Professional CodeIgniter

I chose CodeIgniter over the others mainly because of its simplicity in getting started and also its speed.  Apparently Symfony is powerful but has a steep learning curve, and CakePHP doesn't have as good documentation as the other two.