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Wednesday, 24 December 2008 07:18

I decided it was time to give pthesis.com its own homepage.

I wanted it to be simple and functional, with an unobstrusive pop-up for the portfolio.  I turned to jQuery, which didn't let me down.

First I placed all the portfolio data in a database (before it was just plain HTML on this site).  From there I used Dreamweaver's Developer's Toolbox to create a PHP script to convert the query data into XML, which happens live whenever the site is loaded, so I don't have to manually update anything when I add new sites to my portfolio.  I was going to use Adobe Spry for AJAX in Dreamweaver, but I found it easier to just hand-code in jQuery (plus jQuery is a lot smaller in size).

I could have converted the query data into HTML or even JSON, but XML seemed like the safest choice because of its portability and easy transferability.

I've given the site more functionality, courtsey of jQuery and PHP/MySQL.  Now the sites I've worked on can be filtered by category.  A useful site I found to compress the JavaScript code is here.  It works by removing comments, whitespace, and "other unnecessary characters" from the code.

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