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Sunday, 03 May 2009 00:12

Like many Joomla! users out there I use the sh404SEF component for SEO-friendly URLs.  When I decided today to activate the RSS feed for this site, I ran into a certain problem.

The sh404SEF component was renaming the RSS URL:


to index.php/feed/rss.html, which just wasn't working.

I wanted to use FeedBurner to syndicate the feed, and I was able to find an easy solution to the sh404SEF problem in this forum post.  The solution, shown below, involves creating a custom redirect in sh404SEF for the proper feed URL, and supplying that to FeedBurner.  From there the FeedBurner URL takes over and you can syndicate your RSS feed to the world.

(image below is from the forum post linked to above)

sh404SEF custom redirect

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