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Sunday, 20 December 2009 17:36

Flash Header Rotator is an extension of the Header Image Rotator plugin by Matthew Hough that allows embedding of Flash SWF files along with the image files the original plugin allows.  Please see the original plugin's site for documentation on its features.  Below I will only be outlining the extended Flash features I have added to it.


  • Ease of use: Simply upload your swf files to the wp-content/header-images folder and they will be rotated along with any image files in there
  • SWFObject: The plugin uses SWFObject to allow for a more robust embedding.  It detects if SWFObject is already loaded from another plugin.  If not, it loads it for you.
  • It automatically detects the dimensions of the Flash movie, but also allows you to override them manually.
  • You can specify from the WordPress Administration panel the minimum version of Flash you want your site's viewers to have for the Flash movies to display.


All you need to do is activate the plugin and upload your files for the plugin to work.

  • If you would like to override the default dimensions, rename the movie file as:


So if you have a file named kiki.swf and you want to show it at 700x200, rename it kiki_700_200.swf.

In the WordPress Administration panel, under Settings > Flash Header Rotator, you can set the following options:

  1. The minimum Flash version required for your Flash movies to display.
  2. The CSS you want to apply to the <div id="flash-_-header"></div> that wraps the Flash movie.
  3. The plugin uses the wmode: 'transparent' parameter to render the background of Flash movies transparent.  Since most headers contain navigation links, this setting is on by default.  This setting can be turned off on the plugin settings page.
  4. The plugin lets you specify whether you want SWFObject to publish your movie statically or dynamically.  The default setting is static.  See the official documentation here for more details.


Download Flash Header Rotator WordPress plugin