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1   Link   Procs, Blocks, Lambda in Ruby
The most concise explanation (with examples) I've come across explaining Ruby blocks, procs, and lambdas.
2   Link   Rails API
Searchable reference for the Rails API. Also provides a reference for the Ruby language.
3   Link   RadRails
An Eclipse-based IDE from the makers of Aptana Studio for Ruby on Rails development.
4   Link   Capistrano
Capistrano looks to be a popular method to deploy Rails applications to various server environments. It's not just limited to deploying Rails applications, however. It works just as well for PHP and other types of web applications.
5   Link   The Art of Rails
An excellent book to get a conceptual overview of Rails and the Ruby language. I wish they would come out with an updated version, preferably written by the same author since he does a great job at this one.
6   Link   Ruby Koans
Excellent exercises for learning Ruby. And they're free!
7   Link   JumpstartLab tutorials
Creative Commons-licensed Rails tutorials
8   Link   Rails 3 tutorials
Nice list of resources for learning Rails 3