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1   Link   CSS Creator
Great website to give and receive CSS-related advice.
2   Link   KeepDesigning.com
Source for splatter graphic which is background of this site.
3   Link   A List Apart
A long-standing resource for design-related information.
4   Link   Web Designer Wall
Very cool and beautiful website featuring tutorials and blog. Featured in Pcmag.com's Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites list.
5   Link   net renderer
The most time-consuming aspect of web design is cross-browser compatibility. This free site makes it a bit easier by allowing you to test different versions of Internet Explorer for when you can't access a local copy.
6   Link   Multiple IEs
Both Vista and XP only seem to allow one version of Internet Explorer at a time. At least for XP there's a simple workaround to this - Multiple IEs. It lets you install IE version back to version 4 for testing backward compatibility.
7   Link   Free Vector Images
Free vector art in AI, PDF, EPS, and SVG formats.
8   Link   IETester
One-ups MultipleIEs by including all the different versions in one installation. Just open a new tab with the version you want and voila!
9   Link   Web Resources Depot
Has tons of sites and lists of sites and other resources useful for designers and developers.
10   Link   CleanCSS
Optimize your CSS code. It lets you specify how much optimization you want to perform. Be careful because it can rearrange properties, which could be a problem if, for example, you have comment blocks.
11   Link   Dust-Me Selectors
This Firefox extension tells you which CSS properties in a website's stylesheet are unused, so you can safely remove them and make your CSS file smaller. I haven't tried it (yet) but it promises to be useful.
12   Link   Adobe BrowserLab
Similar to BrowserShots.org (free) and BrowserCam (paid), BrowserLab is a Flash-based application to check webpage rendering in different browser/OS combinations.
13   Link   BrowserShots.org
Free service to test webpage rendering in different browser/OS combinations. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it takes so long your request expires, and if you don't renew in time you have to resubmit and wait all over again.
14   Link   Smush.it
Image optimization service from Yahoo! Developer Network. Optimize up to five images at a time and download in a zip file.