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1   Link   ProgrammableWeb
Nice source for finding mashups.
2   Link   Sitonomy.com
Lets you see which technologies are powering a particular website.
3   Link   Dropbox
Really useful service that lets you synchronize files between computers and online backup.
4   Link   Open Source CMS
Site to test out various open-source CMS platforms on their own demo sites.
5   Link   Ajax Document Viewer
Easy free method to embed documents of various types in an iframe.
6   Link   Torrent2exe.com
Very cool site that lets you download any torrent as an exe file that you just run, download the torrent, and even seed from as long as you want.
7   Link   Diigo
Online bookmarking service that syncs with Delicious and Magnolia (and others). I have a live feed of my bookmarks in the Diigo section of web links.
8   Link   Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site
Great tips and tricks for speeding up your website. Some are very quick and simple to implement.
9   Link   Sitemap generator
Excellent Java-based sitemap generator. It keeps you informed about what it's doing, and there is no limit to the number of URLs in your sitemap.
10   Link   CoralCDN
Free content delivery network. Just append ".nyud.net" to the end of a URL.
11   Link   .htaccess generator
Pretty comprehensive .htaccess file generator.
12   Link   Net2ftp.com
Full-featured browser-based FTP client.
13   Link   AlternativeTo
A useful site that suggests alternatives to popular products and websites.
14   Link   Issuu
A popular site to self-publish whatever you fancy - a magazine, PDF document, book, whatever. Its main competitor looks to be Scribd, which calls itself a "social publishing site."
15   Link   High Scalability
Really fascinating insights into the hardware, software, and practices high-volume websites run and use.
16   Link   Stackoverflow.com
One of the best made websites out there, where every little detail is accounted for.

Oh, it's also the best place to get help for your web-development-related questions online.
17   Link   Programmers
Programmer-centric website of the Stackexchange network of sites, of which Stackoveflow.com is also a part.

People ask a lot of silly and stupid questions, but they also ask a lot of smart and intelligent questions. It's up to you, the reader, to discriminate in what you read and accept and apply.
18   Link   Authentic Jobs
All kinds of web-related job listings, for designers, developers, freelance, telecommuters, as well as regular full-time jobs.