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Tuesday, 03 November 2009 11:34


I'm impressed with Woopra as well.  I was using the web interface for a while but decided to download the desktop client.  It offers more features, like filters and such, but the Exclude Visits feature seems buggy.  I entered my own IP address to be excluded from the visits but it still shows up.  Apparently it's a problem they're working on fixing.

The only other shortcoming I can think of is the lack of organized documentation for Woopra, the way there is for Google Analytics.  The only source for solutions and answers is the forums, which are great but, in my opinion, should be a secondary source, after official documentation.

So far I'm impressed with Clicky, although I haven't had a chance to test out the Spy feature which shows you real-time activity as it's happening.  On the other hand, Piwik doesn't seem to be collecting data.  I wondered if it's the WordPress and Joomla plugins I used, so I implemented the raw code on another site, but still no results.  I can't tell what's up.

I'm also giving Woopra a try.

I'm giving Clicky Web Analytics and Piwik a try.  I use Google Analytics right now, but even though it's very powerful, it's not the most intuitive (read: simple) interface to get around.  I want to try something else.

For Joomla integration I'm using the RokClicky for Clicky and Piwik analytics plugin for Piwik.

Clicky is web-accessible like Google Analytics, whereas Piwik has to be installed locally.