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Thursday, 04 December 2008 17:53

For a while now I've had it in mind to compile a list of cool software I find useful.  I already made a list earlier about web development software, so this is just a more general list.

  • Altiris Software Virtualization Studio (SVS) - Virtualize software into layers so that it runs on top of Windows instead of in it.  If you don't like some program, just delete the layer.
  • NitroPDF - alternative to Adobe Acrobat
  • Foxit Reader - free alternative to Adobe Reader
  • ThreatFire - firewall that runs silently in the background and works without running any scans on files
  • FreeMind - open-source mind-mapping software
  • Sync2IT - keep bookmarks and favorites synchronized across computers
  • Winamp - I've never used Windows Media Player and never will, as long as WinAmp is around
  • ResumeMaker - excellent resume-making software
  • Media Player Classic - plays DVDs and all sorts of media files
  • WebCollect toolbar - I came across this when I was looking for something to capture an entire scrolling page in a screenshot
  • Trillian - my only instant messaging client for many years now (except for Meebo, which I used when Trillian couldn't get access)
  • Maxthon - my favorite browser; I like it more than Firefox
  • Windows Live Writer - works excellently with WordPress to blog from the desktop; handles categories, tags, pages, images, and maps wonderfully
  • FileHamster - easier to use than SVN for version control - if you're only working locally