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Useful websites and tools - 12/29 E-mail
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 14:53


  • Anybodyoutthere.com - came across this really unique site through MakeUseOf.com yesterday.  It's got an AJAX-ed interface that lets you chat with strangers without downloading anything or even registering.  I tried it out by chatting with a couple of people and it worked well.  It even lets you chat with multiple people simultaneously from the same browser window, and lets you register and create a profile while chatting.  It's AJAX in full form.


  • Learning Flex 3 book

I chose this book because it was well-rated on Amazon.  Overall it's a great introduction to Flex.  I found a lot of typos and code errors in it, but they were pretty easy to spot.  I might have had an early copy since it was from the library, and they might have corrected it since then.