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What's your backup strategy? E-mail
Monday, 08 November 2010 21:45


In addition to what's mentioned below, I also do the following:

  • Backup e-mails locally with MailStore Home and save a copy remotely with Sugarsync
  • Run a bash script on my domain that e-mails me a backup of all the MySQL databases I have there, like for my personal blog, this site, and other projects


Another web developer I know recently had a hard drive crash.  I don't know exactly how much but he lost quite a bit of data, including work he was doing for current clients.  In addition he lost precious working time and money because he had to send the failed hard drive for partial recovery.


This incident made me feel empathy for my colleague, but also glad that I backup my data not just locally but also in "the cloud".  What I do is pretty simple:

  1. Save some important files to my Dropbox account, including my Microsoft Outlook data file.
  2. Save other important files to my Live Mesh account, including project asset files for current projects.
  3. Frequently commit and upload work on projects to an off-site Mercurial repository.
  4. At least every 24 hours (during a regular work week), I make a full hard drive backup image using Macrium Reflect.

This way I figure the most I can lose is one day's worth of data, and certainly less than that of actual work for clients.