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1. "Microsite/Splash Page Designer"
(Main/Are you for real?)
... like emails, banners, etc. Here are some examples of sites that we currently operate and need to produce more of skinnypatch.com; faceserum-pcs.com; acai-pb.com; zen-cleanse.com; collagen-pcs.com www.anti-agingstore.com ...
... more complex examples, where I'll be tracking the sites in the list in #sites ul li: $('#sites ul li').livequery(function()}) }) The main difference here is that I'm passing a function to the label property.  ...
3. Unconventional design
... want to see something different, something out-of-the-box.  That's what I had in mind when I made the homepage to my domain, Pranshuarya.com.  There are some very elegant examples of both traditional and ...