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1. What I've learned
... choices.  For example: JavaScript frameworks: jQuery, MooTools, Dojo, Prototype, ExtJS, ... PHP frameworks: CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, ... Popular web languages: Ruby, Python, ...
2. PHP Developer (Lindon, UT)
(Main/Are you for real?)
... MySQL, JavaScript, and jQuery - Has some MVC framework experience, preferably CodeIgniter - Is familiar with using a version control system like Subversion - Is self-motivated and organized   You ...
3. Lutsey Land Company
This is a website I converted from a PSD design to a fully-functional WordPress theme based on the Thesis framework. The site makes use of several basic in-built WordPress features, including: custom ...
... Use demo/demo as username/password to view the dashboard.   I've launched a beta version of an e-commerce application I've written in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework at Pkstore. The product ...
5. PHP frameworks
... in college with math errors in textbooks.  Errata are helpful but sometimes even those are incomplete! Having seen what's possible with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and Prototype, I set my eyes on ...