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1. JavaScript: small details
...  Design 2   This is the more interesting part, for me at least.  It's easy to forget about the small optimizations you can make in your code when you're just trying to get it ...
2. "Microsite/Splash Page Designer"
(Main/Are you for real?)
...  • Responsibilities would Include but not limited to • Landing Page Design • Landing Page Content Creating • Landing Page Optimization • Content Management on word press and Magento • Website conversion ...
... well although I haven't tried all its features. Observations and conflicts Optimization of JavaScript code broke Hackadelic Slider Notes on one of my pages.  Enabling the "Add try-catch wrapping?" option, ...
4. Speeding up your websites
I've run YSlow on several websites, including my own, and it gives some good suggestions for speeding up your website.  So here are a few tips I've found from around the web for generally speeding up a ...
5. My resume
(Uncategorised Content)
... with tests programming in pairs optimization and refactoring Code samples I have lots of code samples I'd love to show off, in all things like Ruby, Rails, jQuery, PHP, and CSS/HTML! ...