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1. onMouseOut
I was having a major issue with getting onmouseout to work as intended on the parenthesis homepage.  The issue was event bubbling.  The mouseout was being triggered on the parent div after the mouse exited ...
2. jQuery rocks
Tonight I implemented a simple three-theme switcher on the parenthesis site using jQuery.  The beauty of jQuery is that I was able to do this after reading only the first three three chapters of Learning ...
3. PHP slideshows
I'm using two PHP-based slideshows to showcase my photos: PHPslideshow on my photoblog PHPshow on my homepage The first is integrated into the site's template, while the second is placed in an iframe because ...
4. Portfolio
Professional CSS-based design   Skills used: CSS, XHTML Slicing design elements from Photoshop PSD file Ensuring cross-compatibility among browsers: Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, Opera, and ...
5. Portfolio
18 Pomegranates 18 Pomegranates is a non-profit organization that provides, among other things, lesson plans for educators to teach about Jewish culture and history to children of all ages. Site details: ...
6. Portfolio
  Below are some of the websites I have developed or worked on.  I have experience working in:   CSS/XHTML - I only do CSS - no tables here Slicing designs from Photoshop PSD files Ensuring cross-browser ...
7. parenthesis
Start page for Pranshuarya.com Skills used: Designing layout in Expression Web, with minimalist graphics made using Inkscape and Paint.NET CSS, XHTML JavaScript: Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries ...