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A running log of software I use and/or mention here.
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1   Link   Microsoft Expression Web
Web development software that's a direct competitor of Adobe Dreamweaver. I like its simple interface.
2   Link   Inkscape
SVG illustration program. Open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator.
3   Link   MaxPageSource
Instead of IE I use Maxthon, and this plugin is indispensible for viewing both original and rendered page code within the browser.
4   Link   Paint.NET
Open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Great for quick edits and converting between GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats.
5   Link   wamp
Emulates a Linux-based PHP and MySQL server locally on your computer.
6   Link   CoreFTP Lite
Free version of great FTP client.
7   Link   Firebug
Excellent extension to Firefox browser for analyzing and debugging webpages.
8   Link   FileHamster
Local version control software which is easier to use than SVN - if not as versatile.
9   Link   DebugBar
This is the closest thing to Firebug for Internet Explorer.
10   Link   FastStone Photo Resizer
Freeware for batch-processing images - renaming, resizing, etc.
11   Link   Dexpot
I was looking for a virtual desktop manager with which I could have different desktop icons on each virtual desktop. This is the best one I came across. It's small, it's fast, and it's free. (And it's German-engineered, as someone on a forum said about it.)
12   Link   Calibre
An open source solution for keeping track of all your e-books, including PDFs. The nice thing is that you can download metadata from online, including a cover picture.
13   Link   Notepad++
The best (and only) all-purpose text editor I've used. The best part is it has syntactical highlighting for several programming languages, including the ones I use most: PHP, JavaScript, and HTML.
14   Link   WinMerge
Open-source file-comparison utility.
15   Link   xplorer2 lite
Replacement file explorer for Windows with dual-pane viewer.
16   Link   Aptana Studio
Available stand-alone and as an Eclipse plugin, I've been using Aptana Studio of late for PHP development. I was able to integrate WampServer into it so that I can preview pages within Eclipse without having to swith to the browser.
17   Link   Klok
Adobe AIR-based time-tracking software. Free.
18   Link   BambooInvoice
Open-source, CodeIgniter-based invoicing software. It can produce PDFs of invoices and e-mail them for you.
19   Link   Image Optimizer
Freeware solution to optimize (shrink) images for web use.
20   Link   Microsoft Web Platform
Want to develop ASP.NET applications for free? Here you go.
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