What is the American way?

Jan 16, 09:58 AM

More, is the American way.

First the good.
This more is what made America what it is, the most powerful nation in the world. The quest for more in science and art drew out the best of the human potential. I’ll elaborate on this one later, maybe.

Now, the bad.
More leads to greed, which leads to all sorts of bad things. Frankly it took me a while to understand the concept of profits. I couldn’t undertand why someone, a person or corporation, would want more than they need to live comfortably, even lavishly.

By design profits are never enough. It’s always about more, which is non a very sustainable way to live, because what we depend on to get that more – the Earth’s resources – are not more, they’re limited. So whomever came up with the idea of more, I have to say to them they were smart, but not very forward thinking.

Along with the best, the worst of the human potential was also coaxed out of man by this more. The atom bomb, the insane amount America and the developed world spends on defence spending is strictly because of this more. We’re not content with what we have, so we go after what others have, and that causes problems. Damn more.

On a more personal level, more leads to dissatisfaction. It leads to comparisons, so even if one could be satisfied with what he has, he sees what his neighbor has and becomes troubled, envious, uncomfortable, resentful, and other such things. That’s not good.

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