Is abortion right or wrong?

Jan 24, 09:22 AM

Updated: Any debate on abortion, in my opinion, should start with the declaration that the crime – stupidity, accident, or rape – has been done. There is no way to reverse that. The question, then, is where do we go from here? The topic of abstinence is another big one and should be separated for debate (divide and conquer).

Working up from there, I say that any pro-lifer who believes abortion is wrong should first assess whether they are willing to take the responsibility to raise what are essentially unwanted children. If they are not, they have no right to say how others should deal with the issue they are facing firsthand.

Before I give my opinion, I have an open question. What is the logic behind the position that abortion is wrong in all cases except rape? As far as I know, a large portion of the pro-life camp is of this belief. What I don’t understand about it is that since their whole position is based on the contention that life begins at conception, how is the conception of a rape act any less a life than one that is voluntary? Is a life not a life regardless of how it is conceived?

As for abortion: it reduces the chances of unwanted children having unhappy childhoods or even becoming criminals; it prevents the burden (not just financial) on families and societies of a venture that is not only one of the costliest in life, but the one requiring the singlemost commitment and responsibility.

It is not fair that adults and young adults are capable of spawning something commonly so outside their realm of apprehension, and it is unfortunate not for them but for the unborn child, who did not ask to be born, yet has to suffer the most with a family (if he or she is lucky to have one) unprepared for what’s to come.

Of all things in life, there is one responsibility – if you are an integral and self-respecting person – that you cannot back out from, and this is parenting. You can leave a job, even quit a marriage, but you cannot undo becoming a parent – unless you make the tough decision of abortion, which is both a selfish and selfless one, depending on who’s point of view you’re looking from – the parent or the unborn child.

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