What is the right way to evaluate religion?

Mar 13, 06:59 AM

Like it or not, religion is a tool. It is not a necessity. Breath, water, food – these are necessities. There are no substitutes or alternatives for these.

Religion, on the other hand, there are many of, because man made them up – through inspirations of all sorts – to help him live a better life.

So what is the right way to evaluate religion? Any religion? How it is manifested in the world; how its edicts are implemented by its followers. Why should it be this way? Because every religion is good in the books. Every religion has profound wisdom at its founding. That’s all fine and dandy, except it doesn’t matter until it starts to affect people in their actual lives.

Suicide bombers, missionaries, polygamists – these are all twisted manifestations of sanctified philosophies. So what matters, what the good book says or what’s actually happening out in the world because of the way some people interpret it?

Every religion has its faithful followers, so that sadly means nothing. What does matter is: does the religion live and let live? Remember, religion is something we made up, something man made up. There is no one right answer. But some people insist that theirs is the only right answer. And they can go ahead saying it and believing it – as long as they don’t try to force it upon others.

Unfortunately that’s precisely what’s going on inside many religions, where they campaign to convert and purify the world because they believe only they are right. That is where the whole problem begins.

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