Why am I a PC and not a Mac?

Nov 6, 05:50 AM

First of all, if I wanted to join a cult, I’d want one that at least offered some conjugal benefits.

Other than that:

  • You can get a decent PC laptop for $3-500, whereas MacBooks start at $999. For something that has become as commoditized as computers, why would I pay twice as much for something that comes with, granted, better hardware, but ties you into Apple’s closed policies? They’re not into open-source, they don’t play well with others; they basically have you by the balls once you buy into them (especially with the iPhone).
  • I’ve been using Windows since version 3.11, and ever since Windows 2000 – actually Windows NT 4.0, I’ve found it to be extremely stable. I’ve only used Mac OS here and there, but I don’t find it that much better to justify having to spend almost twice as much for the “privilege” of getting sucked into the Apple cult.
  • Speaking of not being open-source, Apple and Google, in my opinion, are the new Microsoft. I saw an interesting interview on PBS with the author of Googled: The End of the World As We Know It. He said that when he talked to Bill Gates back in 1998-99, Bill couldn’t understand why the whole world was after him. According to this author’s perception, Microsoft had good intentions all along but it got big enough to make other companies uncomfortable and seek government intervention. The same thing is now occurring with Google, he says. They may have good intentions, but they’re getting too big, with too much information at their disposal. And Apple? I see them in bed with Google, to some extent at least. Apple is the poster-child of non-open-source, whereas Google seems to be an advocate for it, but other than that, the kind of power they’re yielding over consumers and the ubiquity their products are appearing in (like Windows was before the government got on Microsoft’s case) is cause for concern in my opinion.
  • Next, I just don’t like Apple, for several years. I don’t know why – that is, I can’t rationalize it. I felt sorry for them when they were floundering, but now that they’re thriving, they certainly don’t need my business to keep alive.
  • And finally, it really irks me what they’ve done with the iPhone. They make you do business with AT&T, and you have to buy a data plan to use it (legally). I know people who use it otherwise, but the fact that people actually buy into that stranglehold kind of reminds me of the Bush administration: it’s baffling that that moron ran this country for eight years, but my argument breaks down when I recall that he was elected to office by the people of this country (whether the election was rigged is another issue).

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