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Monthly Archives: May 2006

First day at work

Old job New job     Got to be outdoors Sit in an air-conditioned office all day Set my own schedule Work with like-minded people Worked independently White-collar job Better hourly salary Better benefits and overall compensation Drank lots of water to keep cool $25/night dinner allowance Got exercise walking around Get access to a [...]

Will. Write. Soon.

I want to write, I even have some topics in mind, but I’ll be damned if this torpor isn’t getting the best of me right now. I’ve become more active in one area (physically, mountain biking) while getting lazier in writing. But I’ll write. Soon.

What a great idea!

$2.73 a gallon?  Not at First Fuel Banks

Commentary on Moussaoui’s sentencing

Am I evil for pausing to give second thought and more than indignant dismissal to Zacarias Moussaoui’s statements at his sentencing today? He said something to the effect that they hold me responsible for many deaths on 9/11, but how many deaths have you [the judge sentencing him] sanctioned through the CIA? Some of the [...]

If I could…

I would visit old girlfriends to observe their present relationships in order to be a better partner in my current one. If they’re happy, I’d look for what it is their partner gives them that keeps them happy that I couldn’t give them. If I can, I would change it by giving it to Sabrina [...]

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