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What’s my plan?

What am I doing and what do I want to do? Do I want to learn about fixed-income securities? Do I want to travel around the world and write articles for a magazine and get paid? Yes. That’s what I’d like to do. How am I to do that? What’s my game plan?

I can write anywhere…but can I? I need a stimulus; a conducive environment. I need energy and something to look forward to. I haven’t done things for the sake of doing them; I realized that a while ago. How can I start on that?

There are so many books available to read for free online. Just now I came across one by Roswell Park called Pantology. It was published in 1841; 550+ pages on the study of the different studies man conducts: Psychonomy, Chronography, Biography, Theology, Architechnics, Idiophysics, Androphysics, Mathematics, etc.

I’m never going to read that book, as enticing as it seems, like a juicy mango of deliciously sweet knowledge.

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