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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Anatomy of a confrontation

Before I say anything I mull it over intensely. I consider the effects of my words (which you can never accurately gauge regardless of how many confrontations you’ve had in the past), I consider what retorts I’ll make in response to theirs; I consider every possible turn the conversation could take. Then I say something. [...]

A prayer

God may have it (may God have it) that one day you’ll buy a mansion with money earned from the power of the pen. You’ll drive around in the greatest automobile ever owned by anyone in your family, paid for with the recognition earned from the power of the pen. Your mother and your father [...]

Disturbed beyond words

In case you have a penchant for blood and gore, I came across a most gruesome and horrifying video of how animals are treated before they become dinner on your table. It can be seen at I must warn you that the video is extremely graphic and disturbing. Please watch at your own discretion. [...]

On despair

My despair makes me extraordinary. I own it (which is why I call it mine). What would I be without it? I’d be just another person who has people to talk to, upon whom he can unload the matters of his day everyday. I’d be light as air. That cannot be. Being in despair at [...]

What a f*ing joke

So the Administration page where I manage this site from got hacked into. It wasn’t a big deal to fix the issue, which is why I’m more amused by it than I am pissed. Here’s the page the hackers put in: Hacked webpage I’m not exactly sure why whomever did this is gifting God’s curse [...]

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