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10:03 AM Fresh as a breeze of air,
I’ll fly through you like one;
Comings and goings like flotations of wind through ether.

Say something, say anything. And then never speak again.

2:59 PM I want to know the power of thought, of desire. If I really truly desire something and think it, will it happen? Something as simple as someone sending a message or delivering some news. You’re so at the mercy of of the world in such a mode, but sometimes you just wonder…

3:06 PM How much (what percentage) of a writer’s work is extraordinary? The majority of it is a means to an end, the end being that which is beautiful.

8:03 PM What’s so bad about it? They say it’s bad but right now I don’t see it. I guess it’s clear when you’re away from it, but once inside it’s hard to justify anything but deliverance.

Left work early today. Felt weird.

It’s one of those nights, neither here nor there. I’m hanging in the balance for something from outside to come and declare it. Music, wine, comfort, thought. These are my companions.

When a fellow human upsets me I turn to fellow woman. When a fellow woman upsets me I turn to you.

I’m craving activity and excitement, knowing that I probably can’t handle it because I’m so tired.

I have to repeat a song I like over and over because I end up missing more than half of it due to thoughts interrupting the listening process, which makes me wonder how I listened enough to start liking it in the first place.

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