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2/28/07 / Tourbillon

Breguet tourbillon

8:55 PM I lead a simple life on the exterior. Very simple. Few tasks, few people, few errands and routines.

I don’t envy you your complications, because mine are much more perverse, involved, intricate, and moving. If yours is the latest and greatest Casio, mine is the rare Swiss tourbillon being auctioned at Sotheby’s: thousand and one movements, extravagantly adorned in diamonds and emeralds. It’s another matter I don’t perform the task of my creation as well as you, because my purpose is really quite different. Mine is not a means to an end, like yours. Mine’s an end in itself because I am. My creator lavished me with motherly love and attention, but the world doesn’t need me. I serve no use other than to show what’s useful by absence – by highlighting everything I’m not. I’m a showpiece for all to see and admire from a distance, and then move on with their daily lives, with you reliably and quietly guiding their outwardly complex activities.

So you realize, armed with this beautiful self-aggrandizing picture, how I can afford to not be concerned with the circumferential busy-ness of your life. The closer I get to your core the sparser you become, but for me it’s quite the opposite. All the weight’s concentrated near the center, so I spin faster – much faster. It’s simple physics.

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