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1:29 PM On man/woman/person:

So much hangs in the balance
between man’s ego and woman’s sensibility.

Pride, money, face,
relations, the next day,
the next year, this life.

To remain equanimous is foreign to some temperaments.
Some personalities wash from one end to the other,
spending not a single moment at the center – balanced, still.

2:08 PM tere khayaal ki aabo hava mein jeete hain

2:53 PM I remember trying to see beauty but not finding it.

8:11 PM One eccentric dominates many commoners, one ambition many innocences.

Insecurity breeds countless susceptibilities.

I could be summed up succinctly by a writer of even mediocre calibre. But, knowing there’s much more to me than could ever be captured (even by me), I think of all the biographies and histories ever written, and how incomplete they really must be. I must be like so many that came before me: great ones, failed ones, ones who never got a biography or a decent eulogy.

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