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Monthly Archives: April 2007


1:03 PM There’s a piece of you in everything I write. There you are now, leaning against the “t”, smiling at me. Sometimes you hide behind the period or try to kick the comma one space over. Oh, there you go, squeezing your curvy body through the loopy “o”. 2:10 PM Wise words from Jean [...]


10:24 AM Verses of poem from pre-sleep stage Fall fast from reason Expostulate till cheeks turn crimson Fall hard, fast from glory Not so swiftly you don’t live to tell this story 10:25 AM Concerning my impending travels, I’m trying hard not to form images in my mind of what I think it’ll be like. [...]

On political identification

[Wrote this on 4/16/07] Political boundaries are so powerful, so embedded in our conscience and consciousness that not only do we live within their confines, we also feel according to them. I’m not condemning things as they are – simply observing, for I have a firm and sincere belief that things are this way not [...]


11:48 AM Wow. (Note the varied comments to the video on its homepage.) 4:14 PM The statistics are as (if not more) interesting as the pictures. 8:22 PM From blog article: In a recently-released working paper, Crocker Liu (New York University) and David Yermack (Arizona State University) have come up with a clever way of [...]

Dear Charles

[Last night as I lay in bed, the thought of movies came to my mind, and I thought about all the little effects they have to devise and place to make the various settings seem authentic. One such effect is old letters and notebooks they always show, and in order to be believable, they’re at [...]

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